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dudeerino by boyo1991 dudeerino :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 2 0 magician by boyo1991 magician :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 1 0 sir french toastyyyy by boyo1991 sir french toastyyyy :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 2 0 angry grandpas sketch by boyo1991 angry grandpas sketch :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 1 0 gorditos :3 by boyo1991 gorditos :3 :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 2 0 sir french toasty other poses by boyo1991 sir french toasty other poses :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 0 0 sir french toasty cuteness by boyo1991 sir french toasty cuteness :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 1 0 sir french toasty 1 by boyo1991 sir french toasty 1 :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 0 0 hydra deadpool by boyo1991 hydra deadpool :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 1 0 Thor tag by boyo1991 Thor tag :iconboyo1991:boyo1991 1 2
Dragon of Daigon (dragon fantasy)
"It has been brought to my full attention. That of which my future relies. Nobody else seems to be doing whats necessary, however, I will.
Well, in all honesty, others have tried, but merely failed... Miserably.
That is why it is now so obviously up to me, Lord Kumberbun, to finally defeat the dragon of Daigon! So many other imbeciles have tried and they've all simply died. How pitiful, those vermin." He flaunts so fortuitously.
The lords English armor shines with a gleam. He is the epitome of chivalry, a true knight in shining armor, constantly smiling a gorgeous proper smile. The pope himself would say no other person is as pure in the eyes of his god than Lord Kumberbun. Which is why this is such a tradgety.
You see, the problem is perspective. To the people of his town, defeating the dragon of Daigon would make him a hero, who would go down as a legend. To the dragon of Daigon, however, these people just want to hurt her and harvest her beautiful scales and claws.
"Poor humans," Sh
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the dragon girl
"My mother is out there, I just know it!" She exclaims determined to find her mother, the dragon. "I am her daughter, she will love me regardless!"
"I don't care what everyone says, I will find her." She retorts demandingly as everyone tells her of the danger. "It's a dragon!" They say "it's far too risky."
On the top of the mountains, the girl finds the dragon, flying high. Upon realizing who this girl was the dragon attacks. The flames from her breath may have missed the girl, but her claws did not. The scrape against the girls arm and she writhes in agony. "I am your daughter!" Says the girl. "I know." Utters the dragon. At which point the girl makes for her narrow escape.
Upon returning home in tears she wonders of the events that happened that day. "Why does my mother hate me?" She sobbed. "Maybe it's simply for the best," she thinks. "A dragon with a human child is not how it's supposed to be, after all." She wimpers herself to sleep.
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The Dragon Boy
My mother is out there,
Far beyond the clouds.
For it it'd be a tear,
To be left without her moulds.
I'm told not to search,
For her claws are death.
They look at me with a lurch,
As if I'm taking my final breath.
I found her among the mountains,
Flying high in the sky.
I realize her disdains,
I fear I may die.
My mother has no desire,
Me her son,
She attempts to kill.
I wish I'd breath fire,
I'd lose none,
And I'd never fall ill.
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The Thing Comes
You've seen one before. Yes, you remember. The shrill of a laugh, that if a succubus just outside your door. The musky smell of death. The thought of the thing sends chills down your spine.
You hear it now too. Just as you had then. It's clomping up the stairs, cackling like a god damn hyena. You know the thing is coming for you, for it is diabolical.
Your door swings open with a woosh as you begin to fear for your life. You see nothing but you know it is here. All at once your greatest fears are realized.
It drools, monstrously over your bed as it climbs aboard your fine linen sheets. It's manacle laughter growing stronger with each movement. It's . . . It's! It's a baby! You begin to break down in tears.
"It's going to eat me!" You squeel. Every single muscle shaking from tensing.
Just then, the closet door opens slowly with a long creek. The baby begins to giggle more.
This is it, this is how it ends.
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First Date
Valarie is a normal college girl. She goes to school, focuses on her studies, has love interests and goes to parties. You know, normal college girl stuff. She sees a potential love interest in another student. She especially loved Sandy's lipstick. It really made her smile. Valarie day dreams of Sandy's smile, lipstick such a bright red. Totally irresistible.
To be honest, Valarie had no idea if she was into guys or girls. Sandy was never seen dating a guy, not for lack of guys trying. Valarie talks to her all the time but can't tell if Sandy is flirting or being nice. "I like her," she thought, "so I could be biased."
One day, Sandy sat next to Valarie in a quiet commons area and they began talking about their weekend plans. When Sandy asks Valarie if she was doing anything, she quickly and happily retorts "no!" with a day dreamy voice.Sandy asks if Valarie would like to meet up at a bar, "to keep the creeps away," she says.
Valarie assumes the best, and is entirely excited. She was o
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My Promise
My iron helmet falls heavily onto my head. My eyes, filled with fury and determination are as black as coal with a glint of light in the corner. A glint of hope. I will return to you, my love.
I have my honor to my king. For his glory and with his mine, I prepare for battle. The playing field has been set. Chivalry will be displayed. Let what is my duty begin.
Stepping onto the battlefield after the long ride with the convoy of my troops I felt a sense of peace. Not a sense of peace as in resolve and acceptance, but peace as in the battlefield was empty except for my army. Where was my enemy? I felt uneasy. At that moment, a fog of arrows flew from over the opposite treeline. Many of my men were taken by surprise and struck. I had no choice but to watch their hopeful eyes turn to worried ones and then finally to a lifeless vision of peace and rest.
I command what remains of my army to fall into battle and we eagerly rush in. As we reach the treeline we can see our enemy on the other si
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Punk Chick by NurseRached Punk Chick :iconnurserached:NurseRached 7 2 Floki by t-d17 Floki :icont-d17:t-d17 5 0 Birot's Mother: Village Leader Karen by Skar3krow Birot's Mother: Village Leader Karen :iconskar3krow:Skar3krow 3 0 Excerpt2 by KingLude Excerpt2 :iconkinglude:KingLude 5 0 niece by Woolvi niece :iconwoolvi:Woolvi 6 0 Fluffkin Traditional by Meow-Productions Fluffkin Traditional :iconmeow-productions:Meow-Productions 2 0 ... by wombatv2 ... :iconwombatv2:wombatv2 3 1 Self Creation  by NurseRached Self Creation :iconnurserached:NurseRached 8 3 Ryan Reynolds by DarkEpochTriton Ryan Reynolds :icondarkepochtriton:DarkEpochTriton 5 1 Undead by Skar3krow Undead :iconskar3krow:Skar3krow 3 0 Skylar by Kyuiku Skylar :iconkyuiku:Kyuiku 6 0 Mother and child portrait by kaeru1001 Mother and child portrait :iconkaeru1001:kaeru1001 3 0 New Ink Brush Pen by Kimchi-McGee New Ink Brush Pen :iconkimchi-mcgee:Kimchi-McGee 4 0 More Sketches by megamind1990 More Sketches :iconmegamind1990:megamind1990 3 0 Hyena by Kyuiku Hyena :iconkyuiku:Kyuiku 7 4 20 by j-ryan-g 20 :iconj-ryan-g:j-ryan-g 3 0


Just some dude I thought looked good. Tada
I used a reference that had most of the upper body and face... Things I did from me directly were the stomach (from button) down along with the backdrop...
sir french toastyyyy
It's just a sketch but it's a refined version without color lol



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try and FAIL at art lol
Hi everyone/anyone that actually reads these entries....

I have a plan, as a counter piece to an article I read here on Da about bullying being bad (which I agree is bad) I M going to write a counter piece.

I believe bullying to be a quote bad thing indeed in fact... I was bullied quite a bit when I was younger... And even debated taking my own life at a point due to it because my folks had no way to extract me from the situation (I.e. transfer schools...) But.. as a project.. and because I think it would be fun to write something that challenges my own beliefs, I am going to write why bullying is good.

I have already come across a few sources citing the "safe spaces" in colleges (which, for a majority I disagree with) and a few studies about overcoming adversity and a bunch of articles on the positive effects of being a bully, so I don't think I will have trouble actually writing it, but there will be a huge disclaimer EXCLAIMING I'm totally against bullying... It's merely for the fun of challenging my own beliefs. Not to try and say "bullying is good" by any means...

So I write this journal, for the hopes that anyone that watches me will hopefully understand I am NOT pro bullying when this article comes out. It again is merely challenging my own experiences/beliefs.

*Side note*

I have pretty big psychological scars from bullying. So, weirdly and awkwardly, I hope some people think I actually am pro bullying after the article come out as it will tell me that I've done a good job on the article itself... Regardless of the thesis.. or should I say, more so with the thesis haha!

Okay. Enough drunken nonsense! Goodnight!


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Anyways, the purpose of this message isn't just to butter you up and leave you compliments about your artistic ability, it's to ask you to put that talent to work.

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If I have, indeed, caught your interest, more information about the contest can be found here in my journal: [link]

Hope to see your submissions when the contest opens!

P.S. Please get the word out about this contest, it would be really great to have more than just a handful of submissions. Please and thank you! <3
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